We are four HCDE students interested in making a trip to the movie theater a more enjoyable experience. Specifically, we want to find a way to make the movie ticketing process more engaging and efficient. We consider this an opportunity to get real-world experience conducting user research and designing a prototype for use in the real world. Over the course of this project, we hope to create useful design documents and ultimately a working prototype reflecting our research – giving us a lasting artifact that represents all of our experiences in the HCDE program.


Soomin Chang

Soomin is a senior and expect to graduate in August 2014. She did internship at a design studio called UX Robot last summer as a UX designer. She wants to learn strong UI and UX skill through this capstone project, as well as some programming skills. She is interested in doing something creative and unique that helps people’s lives.

Anatole Chen

Anatole is earning his MS in HCDE and works at Microsoft.

Sean Lemme

Sean earned his BA in mass communication, and has been writing for the web and print for a while. He has done web design and learned a lot about user research in a few gigs he has had, but mainly through the HCDE program at UW. He is not unfamiliar with the likes of Photoshop and Illustrator; He even inked, colored, and typeset a webcomic for a while. He is particularly interested in doing user research somehow related to entertainment, like movies or games, and excited about having an opportunity to help carry such a project from beginning to end.

Antonio Rodriguez

Antonio just finished his first M.S. in Industrial Engineering. Before that he earned a B.S. in Stats. he fall mostly on the research side of the UCD spectrum. He interned at Amazon last summer where he ran user tests in a lab setting. He has done a few ethnographies and created a few prototypes in Axure. He is refreshing his code knowledge and hope to use it to see a project from start to finish. He is interested in learning more about project managing, IA, and much more.

Yongji Zhou

Yongji is a developer in Microsoft. This is his last year in the HCDE Master Program. He is interested in designing experience across devices and space. He would like to contribute his expertise in prototyping and technical problem solving to the capstone project to push forward the fidelity of the final prototype.

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