Ideation, Part One

After finishing the user research milestone, we began work on the next stage: ideation. It is our goal to dedicate two weeks to designing a compelling solution to the problems we exposed over the last few weeks. To do that, we have so far done a lot of brainstorming and sketching, as well as starting work on wireframes.



Last weekend, we all agreed to take what we learned from the milestone as inspiration to start sketching ideas for what we want the Bixcreen device to be. We came to class with a variety of ideas, from phone apps all the way to motion-sensing displays. We spent the rest of the four-hour-long class debating what worked best out of everyone’s ideas, and the best way to move forward. By the end of the night, we had developed an early draft of the user flow, and agreed to meet again over the weekend with even more sketches.

We met again in the Design Lab at UW, where we presented our individual takes on the screens from our flow. Once again, there was much debate over what was and was not working. We started bringing in realistic concerns, talking about the size of the device, where it would be placed, ways of interaction that are technologically feasible and not too expensive, until we could agree on three potential ways of going forward. From there, we started work on our wireframes.


With the early sketching stage behind us, we agreed on three possible ways for the Bixcreen device to work: as a movie poster replacement that is either entirely a touch screen, has a touch screen to one side, or uses Microsoft’s Kinect to recognize gestures. It would also need to accept credit card swipes, possibly be able to scan QR codes or register NFC taps, and, practically, it must be able to print tickets. Since we have a critical friends meeting on Monday, we decided to wireframe these three ideas so we could have them assess them in class.

So Saturday and Sunday were spent developing these three ideas into presentable form. We worked within Google Drive presentations so that all five of us could collaborate on each one. We’re still putting the finishing touches on them for AwareSquare tomorrow, but once they’re ready, we’ll be sure to put up archived versions of them on this blog too.

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