User Research, Part Three

During our weekly meeting on Monday, 4/14, we discussed creating scenarios as a better option to help guide our design phase rather than just solely focusing on creating personas. This is because the scenarios of use and motivations may differ, but the goals for each user don’t vary (everyone wants to get tickets). We also planned to have personas acting out our scenarios and generate them based on the patterns we see in our survey data from. This week we finished Milestone 1, which is the summary of what we have done for the user research phase. After this phase, the group will be moving on to the next design phase, which is the ideation part.

Scenarios and Personas

Based on our research, we have created a few scenarios of use for which to focus our future design work. These scenarios encompass the traditional use cases as well as patterns of behaviors we observed in our research. The three personas involved in each scenario are also based on our research findings. The motivations, contexts of use, and goals may differ in each scenario, but each serves as a pillar on which to build the design.

Milestone 1

Milestone 1 includes the summary of survey, scenarios, personas, competitive analysis, and ethnography, as well as detailed analysis of our user research in general. After we gathered 27 responses from our survey, we had a deep analysis to find out the problems and what users would want to implement on for better experience while using movie-purchasing kiosks. We also had a deep competitive analysis to compare and contrast the existing technical specifications of online purchasing methods versus kiosks at the movie theater. Our team gathered together to finish Milestone 1, and at the end of that meeting we also started planning the next phase of our project, the initial design.

Peer Reviews

During our weekly class meeting, our group was paired up with the AwareSquare team to evaluate each other’s progress. We gave and received feedback based on the research and planning we’ve done so far. Their feedback:

Suggestions for user research:

  • We should do a cognitive walkthrough with a person in a real use case at the theater. Let the person think aloud and record what the person thinks and feels.
  • Look at the experience with Redbox as an alternative way to study how people decide which movie to see.
  • Look at how people choose location, preference of theater.

Suggestions for ideation:

  • Personalized tickets.
  • Put the showtime above the poster.
  • Partial animation in the poster, e.g. eyes in the poster that follow you
  • Non-visual or audio feedback, e.g. cold chill
  • Find ways to add value to buying tickets at the kiosk to change people’s habits.

Suggestions for prototyping:

  • Try to test the prototype at the theater if we can.

Next Steps

As soon as we finish our milestone 1, we began the second phase of the project which is ideation/designing. We plan to start sketching basic interaction and interface ideas and bring them to our weekly class meeting. Sketches would include any kinds of ideas such as storylines, wireframes, work process, interactions, or even list of features. Also, during our weekly class meeting, we are going to discuss about branding concepts for Bixcreen as well. Hopefully sometime in the next week, we’ll have decided on the final direction we want to go in as we get further into the design stage.

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