User Research, Part Two

Everybody please give a warm welcome to our newest member, Anatole Chen. Anatole is another HCDE Master’s student, and we’re all excited to welcome him to team Bixcreen.

Over the past week we continued our work on user research, preparing for the user research milestone next week. First, due to some complications in contacting movie theater managers, our group ended up deciding not to conduct interviews with the managers, but to move forward with just an online survey and more contextual inquiry to gather in-depth data. After analyzing all the responses from the survey, we plan to create 2-3 personas. We will use those personas, along with analysis of the survey results and our observation, to make the user research document.



Our online survey consists of 20 multiple choice questions, and an optional open answer question. It is generally asking about moviegoers’ experiences purchasing movie tickets and their opinions about how they would change the purchasing process in order to enhance the user experience. After we finished writing the survey questions Monday night, we began distributing it. Our group posted the survey on Reddit, RunPee’s Facebook and Twitter, our personal Facebook and Twitter pages, and sent out emails to get answers from variety range of people. Unfortunately, the post on Reddit was deleted for reasons unknown, but so far, we have gotten a few dozen responses and are in the process of analyzing those responses to create user profiles (personas).

If you’re interested in taking the survey, it’s right here.



This kiosk has printed its last ticket

We conducted further observation this week to help us understand ticket-buying behaviors. Sean returned to the same theater he had observed previously, and was excited to see that once again no one was using the ticketing kiosk – until he went to check it out and found that the machine was now permanently out-of-order. Nonetheless, he did feel like he was the only one at the theater that day disappointed by this, though. Everyone’s continued observation has been useful, and though we weren’t able to get an interview, we feel pretty confident moving forward.


As we wrote this post, we are also working on the research document for milestone one. Monday night is our first night for peer review, and we want to show the group we are working with what we have written so we can add their feedback to our own insight before the document is turned in to the professors. So expect more on that extremely soon.

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